'Iron Man 3,' 'Man Of Steel' Head To Comic-Con

Looking for another reason to head to Comic-Con this year? Look no further: both "Iron Man 3" and "Man of Steel," among other movies, will have presences at the San Diego convention next month.

Variety has an extensive rundown on the films expected to have presences at Comic-Con this year, and both the third "Iron Man" movie and the upcoming Superman reboot are very much on that list. It's especially welcome news for fans of ol' Shellhead: last year, Marvel and Disney opted out of an official "Avengers" presence at Comic-Con in favor of their own D23 Expo later in the summer.

As for what we'll see from these films, exactly? That's anybody's guess. Variety mentions that fans are in for a first look at footage from "Man of Steel," which is far from a surprise; we'll be within twelve-month striking distance of the new Superman movie by the time Comic-Con rolls around, so it's about time we saw some of Zack Snyder's Superman vision in motion.

"Iron Man 3," too, has been filming for a few weeks now, and the arrival of some form of footage isn't out of the question. Also not out of the question is the announcement of Marvel Studios' top-secret 2014 release; Disney has denied "Black Panther" rumors, but we'll likely find out for sure whether it's T'Challa or a different hero following the "Captain America" sequel's footsteps in 2014 come the July convention.

Other films planned to appear at Comic-Con include "The Hobbit" and "Pacific Rim." Just more reasons to get your butts out to San Diego next month!

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