'Avengers' Director's Cut: Do You Want It In Theaters?

Let's kick Wednesday off with a nice, juicy rumor, shall we? Word on the web is that Marvel Studios is planning a theatrical release of an "Avengers" director's cut for late this summer.

The rumor comes from two outlets — ComicBook.com and Super Hero Authority — who cite sources that such a cut is aiming for an August release, right at the end of the summer season, with the goal of capturing the coveted record for highest grossing domestic release of all time. At the moment, "Marvel's The Avengers" rests comfortably at number three both domestically and internationally, but a director's cut rerelease could certainly push it to the top if played right.

Of course, the question remains — and the answer may be obvious here — is whether or not anyone wants an "Avengers" director's cut in theaters.

The easy answer is, well, why not? Joss Whedon has made it very clear that he had more in mind for "Avengers," and that a director's cut could very well hit shelves at some point in the future. Who wouldn't want to see the full scene between Mark Ruffalo and Harry Dean Stanton? Who wouldn't want a little more characterization on poor Agent Coulson before his big moment? And who wouldn't be up for more of that sweet, sweet shawarma? (Actually, we're pretty sure that there's no more shawarma. Sorry!)

Then again, "Avengers" is a pretty perfect movie as it stands. There's a reason it did so well at the box office: it's not just a huge movie, but a wonderful one, filled with fantastic characters and masterful storytelling on Whedon's part. Does anymore need to be said on the subject? Haven't we had our fill?

So while the rumor continues making the rounds, let's turn the conversation to you. Do you want to see an "Avengers" director's cut hit theaters? Let us know in the poll below!