'Walking Dead' Season Three Set Photo: Someone Give This Man A Hand!

For a character who has had maybe twenty minutes of screen time so far, "Walking Dead" villain Merle Dixon has sure made an impression. Actor Michael Rooker has talked at length about the vast number of fans who come up to him asking about working on the AMC survival horror series, and it's clear that his role as the show's resident handless racist is one that people are interested in.

Chances are good that they'll be even more interested once season three rolls around. Rumors have been swirling about Merle's return to the land of the dead ever since he left, and it looks like we're not too far off from seeing him again. But when he does come back, he's going to be a bit sharper than you might remember.

You'll get what we mean if you click past the jump, but warning: there are spoilers ahead.

There you have it: handless Merle is back, and even if he's down five digits, he's up by one seriously badass zombie-killing limb. With Merle back on the show, hands-free no less, it makes you wonder whether another certain someone will lose his hand too as is the case in the comics. If so, let's hope that character visits the same armorer who's been stocking Merle up — that artificial limb could be very handy (zing!) in the apocalyptic world of "The Walking Dead."

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