Joss Whedon Action Figure: What Can It Do?

by Tami Katzoff

If anyone deserves his own action figure, it’s Joss Whedon – and he’s getting one.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that when Morgan Spurlock’s documentary “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” is released on DVD (on July 10, just in time for Comic-Con), it will be available at Toys ‘R Us packaged with a mini-Morgan and mini-Joss. Game stores will carry versions that also include figures of Stan Lee and Harry Knowles.

It doesn’t look like mini-Joss will have any mini-accessories. If he did, though, these would be our suggestions ...

1. A brown coat

2. A Mutant Enemy finger puppet (Grrr. Arrgh).

3. A freeze ray, a la “Dr. Horrible,” to be used on evil network and studio execs who seek to cancel quality TV shows.

4. For his back pocket, a mini-copy of his “Wonder Woman” script.

5. A secret Character Assassination button - when Lil’ Joss is placed in close proximity to other beloved action figures, pressing this button will make said figures spontaneously combust.

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