Peter Parker Challenges Flash Thompson In 'Amazing Spider-Man' Clip


We know Peter Parker considers football too dangerous to play, but what about basketball? Apparently that's right up the "Amazing Spider-Man" main character's alley, especially after he's discovered some of his special spider-like abilities.

A new clip, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, shows Andrew Garfield's Peter teasing Chris Zylka's Flash Thompson with his newfound basketball prowess. We would say that this sort of showing off would probably lead Peter to getting bullied in the near future, but he seems like he can handle himself.

Like some of the other clips and featurettes that have been released recently, this scene teases that "The Amazing Spider-Man" is going to be a fun, light-hearted movie. Garfield shines here, and we love the playful glint in his eyes as he teases Flash. Considering we know Flash (at least in the comic books) used to bully Peter mercilessly, it's nice to see that the tables have been turned.

Of course, Peter is probably being a bit too showy about his newfound athleticism in this scene. Our guess is that this basketball showdown happens soon after our favorite web-slinging superhero discovers his Spidey senses. Maybe he'll even have a shirtless scene that's on par with Tobey Maguire's big reveal.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” focuses on Peter Parker’s journey to discover the secret of his parents’ disappearance. That brings him face-to-face with Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans, who ends up becoming the film’s villain, The Lizard. It’s due in theaters on July 3.

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