'Dark Knight Rises' Track List: Decoding The Score

Yesterday, a track listing for the soundtrack to "The Dark Knight Rises" was released on a fan site for composer Hans Zimmer. If you like to read into things, there was plenty to read into and speculate over how the song titles might relate to the film’s proceedings. Below, we’ve picked out five tracks to talk about how they could fit into the movie, and what we might want to expect.

"Underground Army"

Not to put it too plainly on the nose, but there’s pretty much only one reason for any sort of army in "The Dark Knight Rises" -- to be commandeered by Bane for the purpose of wreaking havoc. We’ve already seen footage of Bane in charge of a criminal gang, so we know he’s not alone in his pursuit of Batman. It’s not too much of a stretch to say they hang out underground, because caves are the new hotels.

"Fear Will Find You"

Based off the trailers, we also know that Bane captures Bruce Wayne at some point, and holds him hostage somewhere to make him realize what a bad, bad boy he’s been. In this case, the fear could be personified -- i.e. by a big growly dude with breathing issues -- or it could refer to the sinking feeling of existential despair Bruce feels after rotting in a hole for a few days. Either way, this will probably be one of Bruce’s lower moments.

"Why Do We Fall?"

This is a callback to a line of dialogue from "Batman Begins," in which Thomas Wayne tells child-Bruce, "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." And because Bruce is not going to spend the entirety of "The Dark Knight Rises" feeling bad that Bane stole his lunch money, he’ll probably have his grand moment of emotional epiphany -- Don’t take things so seriously! Be nicer to Alfred! -- while remembering his dearly departed father’s words of wisdom.


This is the last track listed, and at seven minutes and 11 seconds, the second-longest. Plus, it’s named after one of the words in the movie’s title, so you know it’s got to carry some sort of importance. (As would a track called "Dark," "Knight," or "The.") We won’t speculate too much on the rumors of how the movie might end, but we’ll guess that Nolan will go out on a high note. There’s nothing higher than something that rises, so expect something good to happen at the end. (Bruce realizes he doesn’t need to be Batman anymore and can live his life in peace; OR, Bruce finally cuts the line at the DMV.)

"On Thin Ice"

Bruce joins the cast of "Batman on Ice," obviously.

Tell us what your interpretations of the "Dark Knight Rises" track list are in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter with your theories!