Batman Joins 'Smallville' Universe In Upcoming Comic

Though "Smallville" ended its historic 10-season run on television just last year, the legend of Clark Kent's formative years as the Man of Steel continue in the paneled page. "Smallville Season 11" from writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Pere Perez continues the story of the newly minted Superman, and in an upcoming issue of the series, the hero will finally come face to face with another iconic DC Comics character.

That's right: at long last, Batman is about to make his "Smallville" debut. Though Bruce Wayne never made an appearance on the "Smallville" show, he'll finally cross paths with Tom Welling's Clark in the "Smallville" comics.

Miller, who served as executive story editor on "Smallville" for a number of years, spoke about the news on his blog.

"I feel like I've been sitting on a Christmas present for everyone since January," he wrote. "Fans have been waiting for this for a VERY long time."

Batman will appear in "Smallville Season 11" #5, the first installment of the four-part story titled "Detective." Solicitations describe the story as follows: "The hunt for his parents' killer puts a vigilante known only as 'the BATMAN' on a collision course with The Man of Steel."

"Smallville Season 11" is released as a digital-first series, appearing in print after first being published online. The first "Detective" story is due in stores on September 5. Thanks to Robot 6 for the heads up!

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