Charlize Theron As 'Thor 2' Enchantress Would Be 'Awesome,' Says Chris Hemsworth

So many "Thor 2" conspiracy theories, so little time. Actually, who are we kidding, it is kind of our job to make time to debate/analyze potential plot lines that may or may not end up in Marvel's highly-anticipated sequel to last summer's hit "Thor."

Take the very intriguing, highly-speculated rumor that the film's "major new villain" will be the Enchantress, for example. When MTV News caught up with Thor himself recently, we asked Chris Hemsworth for his thoughts about playing opposite a lovely but villainous lady.

"I don't know much at all but it sounds interesting," Hemsworth said of the Enchantress rumors. "I'm not playing the usual, sidestepping that we normally have to do, I haven't read a script. They have a bunch of different ideas, but that sounds interesting."

We then asked the "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Avengers" star about the fact that his co-star Charlize Theron is a top rumored/wish-listed candidate for the role of the charming mind manipulator.

"Oh right. Well she certainly plays a pretty intimidating villain, I think she'd be awesome but I think she's tied up in 20 other films. I think she's going on to 'Mad Max' next. [But] you never know," he added. "Fingers crossed."

Indeed. Despite the fact that Theron's very busy schedule is a major road block in getting her assigned to Amora the Enchantress (if/when it is confirmed that she will be that "major, major new antagonist"), our fingers are definitely crossed that the Marvel powers that be will somehow make it work.

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