WB Mulling 'Green Lantern' Reboot, Giving Christopher Nolan More DC Firepower

While Marvel is thriving on the big-screen, progress has been significantly slower on the DC Comics front. But a new report in Variety indicates that the powers that be at Warner Bros. are doing their best to get DC movies into theaters, with films based on "Justice League," "Wonder Woman," "The Flash" and "Aquaman" all in the works. Of course, there's also a "Batman" reboot to consider and "Man of Steel" still on the horizon.

And then there's "Green Lantern." The Ryan Reynolds-starring superhero flick bombed at the box office in 2011, giving WB execs plenty of reason to pause before considering how to move forward. Any "Justice League" movie would require the presence of a Green Lantern, if not Hal Jordan… which is one reason why a possible reboot is in the offing.

Variety reports that the "studio is figuring out whether to bring back Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern in a sequel to last year's actioner or relaunch the character in a completely new way." Whether that "relaunch" means a brand new sequel sans Reynolds or introducing a new Green Lantern in the planned "Justice League" movie—or another strategy entirely—remains unknown.

In fact, plans will likely remain unknown until after "The Dark Knight Rises" hits. The Variety report suggests that WB "has increasingly put more control of its DC films in Christopher Nolan's hands," and that the studio is not "expected to make any concrete moves on the DC film front until after the third Batpic opens on July 20." Developing, as they say.

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