'Iron Man 3' Set Photos Confirm Christmas Spirit

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on "Iron Man 3." So far, all of the information we've learned about the next outing of Tony Stark in his red-and-gold duds has centered on notions of Extremis, the looming presence of Mandarin, the questionable appearance of Iron Patriot and the recent revelation of Advance Idea Mechanics' involvement. But now we know of another spirit lurking about the "Iron Man" set: the holiday spirit.

New "Iron Man" set photos have emerged today, and they're not too far off from the A.I.M. set photos seen earlier in the week. The key distinction is the sight of a Christmas tree next to the A.I.M. building's entrance, confirming that the third "Iron Man" film takes place during the holiday season, at least in part.

The Christmas setting shouldn't come as a complete surprise to anyone familiar with director Shane Black's work. The filmmaker is known for setting many of his films during the holiday, with "Lethal Weapon" featuring a prominent Christmas scene, as well as his directorial debut "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." Whether or not "Iron Man 3" takes place entirely during Christmas remains to be seen, but it'll certainly be fun to see Tony indulge in some egg-nog if only for a scene or two. And hey — potential for some Santa Claus-themed Iron Man armor? It could happen!

Thanks to the good folks at io9 for pointing this one out.

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