New 'Captain America 2' Directors: What Do You Think?

Captain America

After a series of hints and rumors, maybes and could-bes, Joe and Anthony Russo, executive producers and sometime directors of "Community," are in final negotiations to direct "Captain America 2."

The choice isn't an obvious one, but with Marvel's track record for hiring interesting filmmakers, there must be something to it. Fans of "Community" can certainly speak to that show's ability to perfectly parody the most recognizable big-budget genres, so it's not hard to imagine that the Russos will be able to adapt to the style of a Marvel superhero movie.

With "The Avengers," Marvel proved that their model of standalone films made by talented directors that don't always seem like the most obvious choice for superhero movies works beyond a doubt. After all, Jon Favreau had directed "Zathura" and "Elf" before tackling "Iron Man" and eventually joining "The Avengers" as a producer. Not exactly superhero material.

But what do you think about Joe and Anthony Russo directing "Captain America 2"? Voice your opinion in the poll below.

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