'Amazing Spider-Man' Clips: Peter Warns Captain Stacy About The Lizard


Even more new clips from "The Amazing Spider-Man" have hit the web.

The first one shows our favorite web-slinging superhero evading policemen who were sent after him by Denis Leary's George Stacy. His escape takes him through a crowded New York City street, and almost ends by him being crushed by a truck. Fortunately Spidey has some pretty quick reactions, or he'd probably have been dead after that.

We've seen a decent amount of the flying scenes in "The Amazing Spider-Man" already, but this clip gives us a really good sense of how they'll look in the completed film. Unsurprisingly, they look pretty darn good.

The main things that we really don't like about this scene are the little quips Spider-Man makes while he's running away from the cops. That "woohoo!" and, "Alright, that was fun," sound cheesy and also don't really feel like they fit with what we've seen of the rest of the film. I mean, "Watch out, I'm swinging here, I'm swinging here"? Really?

The second clip shows Peter Parker trying to warn Stacy about Dr. Curt Connors. We all know that Connors turns himself into The Lizard, but we'll admit that it sounds a bit silly when said out loud. Parker makes this realization as well when he tries to convince Stacy in the NYC police station.

But it's Leary who steals the show here. His fast-talking character is a bit kinder than his fireman in "Rescue Me," though they're of the same ilk. He won us over here with the line, "Do I look like the mayor of Tokyo?"

Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, “The Amazing Spider-Man” focuses on Peter Parker’s journey to discover the secret of his parents’ disappearance. That brings him face-to-face with Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans, who ends up becoming the film’s villain, The Lizard. It’s due in theaters on July 3.

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