When Batman Met Catwoman: A History Lesson

There's a lot in that "Dark Knight Rises" footage that premiered at the Movie Awards, isn't there? Bane presiding over the people of Gotham City like a dictator who would put Sacha Baron Cohen to shame, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake interrogating Selina Kyle, and … oh, right, Selina fighting side-by-side with Batman. Hard to forget about that.

Indeed, as the weeks of marketing leading up to the official "Rises" arrival continue, there's pretty much nothing we're more excited to see than the dynamic Christopher Nolan has cooked up between Bruce Wayne and Selina. The two have a storied history together across many forms of media: adversaries, allies, lovers. "Dark Knight Rises" looks to have its own spin on things, but it's always useful to look at the past to help predict the future.

To that end, check out Weekly Rising columnist Kevin P. Sullivan's analysis of the many different versions of the Batman-Catwoman dynamic, and how what we've seen before might influence what we'll see this summer.

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