'Justice League' Snags 'Gangster Squad' Writer

With that sweet, sweet "Avengers" money still piling up at the worldwide box office, it's no surprise to see other comic book publishers itching to follow in Marvel's footsteps. As such, this news should not come as much of a surprise at all: DC Entertainment is once again preparing a "Justice League" adaptation.

Variety reports that "Gangster Squad" and "Logan's Run" writer Will Beall has been hired by Warner Bros. to pen a brand new take on "Justice League," DC's answer to "Marvel's The Avengers." The report goes on to say that this hire was made well before "Avengers" became such a colossal box office behemoth, and that the script is not turned in just yet.

(As an aside here, Beall's got two Ryan Gosling credits to his name — the aforementioned "Gangster Squad," which features Gosling in one of the starring roles, as well as the planned "Logan's Run" remake, which would reteam Gosling with his "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn. Maybe there's a "Justice League" role for Gosling in mind here as well? Batman's going to need a new actor pretty soon, isn't he? Just saying…)

In addition to the hiring of Beall, Warner Bros. has tasked writers with tackling "The Flash" and "Wonder Woman" as well, and they all hail from the "Green Lantern" stable. Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are tackling the former, while Michael Goldenberg is on board for "Wonder Woman." Exciting.

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