'Iron Man 3' Set Photos Take A.I.M.

In Marvel Comics lore, A.I.M. isn’t just an antiquated chatting service. It also stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics -- a science-based terrorist organization dedicated to ruining everything in the world. Led by their iconic yellow-outfitted lackeys and the fearsome floating head M.O.D.O.K., A.I.M. has clashed with many of the heroes in the Marvel universe. That makes them a perfect choice to be introduced in "Iron Man 3," as some brand new set photos show.

As SpinOff points out, a terrorist organization would be an unlikely choice to hide out in a big public office, much less behind a sharply-designed logo. But insidious comes in all forms: They could be the group hired by the government to develop the Extremis virus that "Iron Man 3" is supposed to feature, or they could be the ones behind the "Iron Patriot" costume that popped up last week.

At the very least, it’s yet another reminder that "Iron Man 3" is doing its best to further integrate the greater Marvel mythos into the movies, which is something everyone (except maybe DC partisans) can be happy about.

In addition, the previously-announced Guy Peace has supposedly been seen on set, leading credence to the contractor idea. Pearce has been cast as Aldrich Killian, a geneticist who creates the Extremis virus in the original comic storyline. If Killian is making Extremis and Killian is seen around A.I.M.... well, you can connect the dots.

"Iron Man 3" is out on May 3, 2013.

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