Did 'Dark Knight Rises' Movie Awards Footage Reveal A New Cameo?

Dark Knight Rises

This post largely deals with potential "Dark Knight Rises" spoilers, so you will want to proceed cautiously.

While the never-before-seen "Dark Knight Rises" footage from the MTV Movie Awards contained a ton of new material that hadn't been featured in any trailer so far, one shot in particular caught our eye.

Toward the middle of the montage, we see a series of shots depicting Gotham City fully under siege by Bane and his cronies. The focus then shifts to a large in-door area, what appears to be a makeshift courtroom. The first shot shows men leading someone toward a chair to face a "judge" seated behind a raised platform. The next image features a scared-looking man taking a seat in the chair.

This sequence initially doesn't seem like something that would draw our attention, but we can't help but wonder about it, because it very closely resembles an account supposedly from someone on set, which hit the web last fall.

That account, originally seen on WorstPreviews, claimed that Commissioner Gordon and Miranda Tate are dragged in front of a judge after Bane takes control of Gotham. The terrorist has established a new, barbaric system of law that has each defendant choose exile or death before the judge. The man presiding all of this turns out to be Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow aka Cillian Murphy.

Murphy has vehemently denied any involved in "The Dark Knight Rises," but the combination of the on-set account coupled with this new footage certainly makes the courtroom scene seem more and more likely.

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