'Dark Knight Rises' Will Be Nearly Three Hours Long

Let the games begin — and may they last almost three hours long!

Bane's impending war on the people of Gotham City is almost upon us, and now we know just how long that rage is going to last for: close to three hours. Reports have surfaced that "The Dark Knight Rises" will feature a runtime of two hours and 45 minutes, making it the longest Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan-directed series by nearly fifteen minutes.

The reasons for a close-to three-hour Batman movie being awesome should be obvious. In case they're not, our resident "Dark Knight Rises" columnist Kevin P. Sullivan covered plenty of reasons in his latest Weekly Rising article. An excerpt:

Nolan is pitching this as the most fitting conclusion he could think of to the Batman story he is telling. That is no short order. "Batman Begins" was undoubtedly the first movie worthy of the Caped Crusader's legacy, and "The Dark Knight" built upon that and turned even the most casual viewer into die-hard fanboys and Nolan defenders. Anything short of an expansive, epic cinematic experience would feel anticlimactic. Nolan, especially with his use of IMAX footage, has been a proponent of old-fashioned spectacle. "The Dark Knight Rises" will be a movie event with the runtime to match.

Couldn't agree more. The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy just got that much more epic.

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