'Iron Man 3' Production Photo Shows Off Stark's High-Tech Wardrobe

Iron Man 3

Last week brought plenty of unofficial snap shots from the Wilmington, North Carolina set of "Iron Man 3," including one well-publicized look at the Iron Patriot, the newest addition to the armored cast.

Today Disney released this first look at Robert Downey, Jr., beginning his shoot for the follow-up to Marvel's mega-hit, "The Avengers."

Check out the full picture after the jump!

The photo shows Tony Stark standing in the middle of his expansive work room and admiring his extensive collection of Iron Man suits. Marks I through VII, every suit he's worn from the first "Iron Man" to "The Avengers," is proudly on display in the cases in front of him.

Iron Man 3

I know it's good for every man (even billionaire playboy philanthropists) to have a hobby, but an Iron Man armor collection seems to be taking up a lot of space.

Anyway, Stark's collection is on full display, even if Downey's head isn't. A clapperboard rudely blocks the star's head to the point where we can't even be totally sure its him, though it probably is.

What is missing from the scene, however, is any sign of the Mark VIII. We know that Disney and Marvel like to introduce new suits with each movie—that's how Joss Whedon got to bring back the circular chest emblem—but for all the suits featured in this picture, the latest one is nowhere to be seen.

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