'Avengers' Star On Vision: 'I Would Hate To Be Any AI Lifeform'

After you-know-who dies in "The Avengers," everyone was quick to assume that his character would soon return as The Vision. Marvel CCO Joe Quesada has already said that it "doesn't feel right," and the actor involved agreed that it doesn't seem right to bring him back for future films.

(Warning for the five of you who still haven't seen "Avengers" yet: major spoilers lie ahead!)

"Vision is cool," Clark Gregg told MTV News about his theorized return as Vision. "But I would hate to be any AI life form. If I got to come back, I would need to still be somebody who could wisecrack, because my favorite part of the job was that if anybody was going to tease anybody about their diva superhero outfit or whatever, it would be me."

Though we can never say never, Gregg seemed to be pretty satisfied with Coulson's death scene in "The Avengers." To bring him back in a future movie would sort of undercut that.

"I really love what Joss did with Agent Coulson in 'The Avengers,' " he said. "It seems like an idea that was in the cards, not only from Joss but from Marvel, in that you needed to ground the movie in some real emotion and stakes. I loved playing that guy, and I'll miss playing him, but I was glad to have that job."

It sounds like Coulson is actually dead and gone, but considering just how nerdy the guys over at Marvel Studios are, we bet they have another great surprise up their sleeves that will make up for it. And again, just because Coulson and Quesada and whoever else feel this way about Vision now, there's no guarantee that they'll still be as turned off to introducing the character several movies down the road.

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