'Iron Man 3' Adds The Iron Patriot To Growing Robotic Roster

Iron Patriot

News from the North Carolina "Iron Man 3" set took over the web yesterday. Not only did people on-location supposedly confirm that the Mandarin will, in fact, be in the film and played by Ben Kingsley, but now new photos over at The Superficial show a star-spangled Iron Man, decked out in red, white and blue armor are popping up in.

But the suit doesn't belong to Iron Man at all. The armor, which comes straight from a relatively recent story line in the Marvel Universe, is worn in the books by a character known as the Iron Patriot.

According to spies on the set, the newly announced cast member James Badge Dale appears as the Iron Patriot in the new film.

See the on-set photos and learn more about this mysterious new character after the jump!

As we saw in "Iron Man 2," Tony Stark isn't the only man capable of donning his famous suit of armor. Dale clearly has found himself an Iron Man prototype with a slightly different paint job.

Iron Patriot

The on-set photos have been perplexing bloggers for two different reasons. As mentioned before, the Iron Patriot appeared in Marvel Comics during the Civil War event, but then, the man in the armor was none other than former Green Goblin, Norman Osborn. Since Osborn is tied to Spider-Man and therefore Sony, he cannot legally appear in a Marvel Studios movie.

Iron Patriot

Secondly, Dale joined that cast last week as Eric Savin, the man behind Coldblood, another robotics-based character from the comics and one that doesn't wear the Iron Patriot costume. It seems that Marvel is subbing in Eric Savin as the Iron Patriot in order to avoid any connections to Norman Osborn, but we'll have to wait for more official details to find out exactly what is going on down in North Carolina.

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