Five Villains For 'Wolverine' To Face In The Sequel

by Ryan Rigley

He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice. It's no wonder we, as a country, can't get enough of Wolverine. Already appearing in four feature films (and making a hilarious cameo in another), the latest Wolverine venture entitled "The Wolverine" will begin shooting in August with Hugh Jackman returning for the role he was born to play.

So far, all we really know about "The Wolverine" is that it's a pseudo-sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and that it will take place primarily in Japan. With that said, there are a slew of Japanese enemies that Logan has accumulated throughout the years. From deadly-efficient ninjas to the infamous Yakuza, there's no telling how many people Logan has managed to piss off overseas.

Click past the jump for a list of the "Wolverine" villains we want to see next!

The Silver Samurai

WolverineKenuichio Harada is a Japanese mutant with the ability to charge practically anything with a tachyon field. Often times, this self-proclaimed Silver Samurai will fill his katana with said mutant energy thus allowing it to cut through pretty much anything. Except for adamantium that is, which is what Wolverine's entire skeleton happens to be made of. The Silver Samurai is easily the most likely candidate for the antagonist of "The Wolverine."

Lady Deathstrike

WolverineAlthough she's already technically appeared in "X2," there's still a slight chance that we could be seeing Yuriko Oyama again. Like Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike has her entire skeleton encased in a layer of adamantium. However, her cybernetic enhancements allow her to interface with computers directly connecting them to her brain's memory centers.

The Hand

WolverineThere's nothing scarier than an organization of evil ninjas with mystical powers. The Hand account for most of the organized crime in Japan, specializing in any and all types of assassination. Founded in 1588, the Hand is comprised of immortal warriors that serve a primordial demon known only as "The Beast." They have been known to resurrect their fallen enemies through occult magic, forcing the victim to do their bidding against their will.


WolverineA former ninja and martial arts master who was at one point considered to be Wolverine's mentor, Ogun is also a mutant with telekinetic abilities not unlike that of Jean Grey and Professor X. Ogun, however, prefers to use his telepathy for evil, often times using his powers to possess and control other people's minds. Now, he is one of Japan's deadliest criminals and a trusted enforcer of the Yakuza.

Daken Akihiro

WolverineWhilst training under Ogun, Logan met and wed a local villager named Itsu. Daken is the product of that marriage. Growing up with nothing but pure hatred for his father, Daken has Wolverine's claws, healing factor, and heightened senses. But unlike his father, Daken has absolutely no qualms with murdering somebody in cold blood. In fact, he's murdered hundreds of innocent people starting from as early as his childhood.

Which villains do you want to see in "The Wolverine"? Tell us in the comments section below or send your suggestions to us on Twitter!

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