'Walking Dead' Actor David Morrissey Talks Playing The Governor

There are two very important reasons why even the biggest "Walking Dead" skeptic should tune into season three. One of them is Michonne, the samurai sword-wielding hooded stranger glimpsed by Andrea in the closing moments of the season two finale. She's sure to bring the pain to zombies far and wide in a uniquely brutal manner even by "Walking Dead" standards.

The other major reason to tune in is a little someone you may have already heard whispers about: The Governor. Easily the most thoroughly loathsome character in Robert Kirkman's comic books—indeed, one of the most loathsome comic book characters period—the Governor, who lords over the survivor community known as Woodbury, is set to make his debut on season three of the survival horror series, and actor David Morrissey sounds mighty excited for the challenge.

"It's the right show at the right time," the actor told TV Guide recently of why he's joining the "Walking Dead" series. "My family will be joining me in Atlanta. I've known Andrew Lincoln [Rick] from around London; we have mutual friends. And I get to go to Comic-Con."

Did you hear that, "Dead" heads? You can meet the Governor at Comic-Con, just one more reason why "Walking Dead" fans should get psyched for this year's San Diego event. (That little zombie-survival obstacle course is another reason, of course.) Asked to elaborate on his research process into the Governor, Morrissey said he hasn't read too much from the comics yet, but he has read Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga's fantastic "Rise of the Governor" novel.

"There was so much in that book that I could [use], like the desire for survival above everything else. I'm finding out what his fears, anxieties and loves are so I can make him my own," he said.

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