'Men In Black 3' Vs. 'Avengers': Which Are You Seeing This Weekend?

Avengers MIB

This is a critical moment for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "The Avengers" have pretty much coasted through three weekends as the most dominant force at the box office, easily handling the likes of "Dark Shadows," "Battleship," "The Dictator," and "LOL" (lolz!), but now it faces real competition from another property inside Marvel Comics.

Early box office estimates predict a $80-$90 million opening for "Men In Black 3," and considering that "The Avengers" only pulled in $55 million last weekend, the weekend is already being called for "MIB3."

But which are you going to see? Can Iron Man, Thor and Cap draw you back for the umpteenth time because maybe you didn't catch every possible Easter egg? Or does the premise of Josh Brolin doing his best Tommy Lee Jones just sound too enticing to pass up?

Let us know what you think in the poll below!

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