'Thor 2' Gains Mads Mikkelsen As A New Villain

Why can't Thor and Loki just get along? Maybe the third time's the charm in "Thor 2," since a new actor is in talks to play the villain in the movie.

Variety is reporting that Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to play the bad guy in "Thor 2," though we don't have any details as to who that will be. So far he is the first new cast member we've heard of who is coming to the Marvel project.

When we heard that Loki would be returning to the Marvel universe following his defeat in "The Avengers," we assumed that he would be "Thor 2's" villain as well. But now that we have found out that someone else is playing the movie's Big Bad, we wonder if it might finally be time for Loki to help his older brother instead of thwart him.

When MTV News talked to Chris Hemsworth recently, he said that Loki has a lot to make up for with Thor, and that he should start his apology with "baked goods." All joking aside, Hemsworth seems to think that "Thor 2" is the right time for Loki and Thor to repair their damaged relationship.

"It's what I loved about the comics. It was never clean and cut and that's it," he said. "It was always like, Thor would forgive him, they'd be friends, and Loki would betray him again. 'You idiot, Thor! Again?' But it was different than your normal good guy, bad guy scenario. They're brothers, you know?"

But Tom Hiddleston teased that things will likely get worse before they get better.

"I'd like to take [Loki] to his absolute rock bottom," Hiddleston said. "I'd like to see him yield, essentially, to his darkest instincts. Then, having hit rock bottom, maybe come back up."

As the actors haven't yet seen a script for the movie, this is all off the cuff, but we'd love to see the Loki/Thor relationship complicated by more duplicity in "Thor 2." The movie is slated to hit theaters on November 15, 2013.

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