Will Smith: Josh Brolin's 'Men In Black 3' Performance Is 'Amazing'

In "Men in Black 3," Will Smith gets a new partner—well, sort of. The Agent K to his Agent J, usually played by Tommy Lee Jones, has Josh Brolin filling in for most of the film when J travels back in time to save the world from evil aliens for a third time.

MTV News caught up with Smith recently, who revealed his initial reaction to seeing the "W." actor's portrayal of his partner. "Shocked," he said. "It is really amazing what he's able to do."

But the "Pursuit of Happyness" actor said Brolin's performance is so good that he's not going to get the full credit he deserves. "And it's crazy—it's so amazing that he's not gonna get credit for it because he just seems like young Tommy Lee Jones. But the inflections and you look at just how he's holding his face for the entire movie — how he found that—and just how he sets his arms, and how he walks, and everything is different than Josh Brolin. It's a fantastic performance."

The third installment of the "Men in Black" franchise picks up with agents J and K following the trail of a one-armed alien named Boris the Animal (but only call him Boris or you'll get a sharp, pointy nail-type-thing through your head!). K shot his arm off back in 1969 and Boris wants revenge. He travels back in time and re-writes history so that K dies in the sixties, leaving Earth unprotected from an alien attack. J has to travel back in time to discover the secrets of the universe and save K's life and humankind as we know it.

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