'Dark Knight Rises' Banners Start The War Between Batman And Bane

Dark Knight Rises Banner

Based on the little solid information we have about "The Dark Knight Rises," it seems that the main conflict arises with Batman and Gotham's finest on the left, Bane and his army of outlaws on the right, and Selina Kyle somewhere in the middle.

Four brand new banners promoting Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie have hit a few of the blogs (including ComingSoon.net) in advance of publishing their set visits, and the new promotional sheets place emphasis on that three-pronged dynamic.

Check out the rest of the posters after the jump.

If the new banners for "The Dark Knight Rises" make one thing clear, it's that this is a big movie. We're talking about an all out war between two armies, one led by Batman, the other by Bane. This isn't the Caped Crusader and the Joker facing off in an interrogation room. This is a battle unlike anything we've seen in the series until now.

Batman Banner

Despite having thoroughly pissed off the cops by supposedly killing Gotham's white knight at the end of "Dark Knight," Batman seems to have convinced the police that he is, in fact, on their side and not the murderer the wanted posters make him out to be.

Bane banner

Bane, on the other hand, doesn't need to convince his army of much. All he really needs is a sweet chant for them to get behind. That's seemed to work for him in this poster and the trailers.

Catwoman Banner

Selina Kyle remains the wild card in all of this. Though the last trailer put her comfortably on the side of Batman, her true alliances are still up in the air. That's likely why we see her in her own poster and not joining Batman's crew.

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