'Dark Knight Returns' Images Give First Look At Animated Movie

Dark Knight Returns

Batman fans have not one, but three movies to look forward to in the next year or so. Not only do they have Christopher Nolan's indie passion project "The Dark Knight Rises," but a two-part DC Comics Premiere Movie adaptation of Frank Miller's iconic series "The Dark Knight Returns."

Yesterday, we heard that Peter Weller and Ariel Winter would play the aged Bruce Wayne and his young female ward, respectively of course. Today, the Hollywood Reporter has a handful of images from the upcoming film, which give us our first look at how Miller's art has made the leap to animation.

Check out more of the still after the jump!

The new stills reveal animation that is simultaneously Miller-inspired, yet in keeping with the previous DC Comic Premiere Movies. Bruce Wayne has maintained his angular features and impossibly enormous jaw, but some of the characters' rougher edges have been worked out for their translation to motion.



Elsewhere, we get a picture of Carrie Kelley aka the female Robin. Again, the still matches Miller's original art pretty precisely, with her signature orange hair and glasses.


As we mentioned before, the saga will be broken up into two installments, the first hitting this fall with the conclusion coming sometime in 2013.

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