'Men In Black 3' Presents Will Smith's Ears... In 3-D!

The Men in Black are back — almost, at least. The third installment in the sci-fi comedy series lands in theaters this Friday (May 25), bringing us our first look at Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' Agents J and K for the first time since 2002's "Men in Black II."

Obviously, some things have changed since then: our heroes are older, a bit wiser. One of them is even played by a new actor — Josh Brolin is subbing in for Jones for the '60s-set portions of the film, in case you hadn't heard by now. Another big change: the addition of 3-D. And you won't believe how that affected Smith.

"My ears are in 3-D for the first time," the actor laughed when speaking with MTV News about the new film. "I'm very happy with it."

A lot has changed for Smith in recent years. "Men in Black 3" marks his triumphant return to the big screen since 2008's double-feature of "Hancock" and "Seven Pounds," for one. For the movie itself, Smith wanted to make sure the passage of time was noted on screen, but not too much.

"The fun of [this film] is trying to make it new but not so new that it don't match," said Smith. "We had to be able to create something that was brand-new, that stands on its own, and it's been 10 years since the first movie, so there were a lot of things working against it."

Will the obstacles working against "Men in Black 3" prove too much for the movie to overcome? We'll find out in just a few short days…

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