'Dark Knight Returns' Casts RoboCop As Batman

Batman and RoboCop aren't the strangest bed fellows imaginable — Darren Aronofsky was attached to reboot both properties at different points in time, for example, and the two have crossed over in numerous instances of fan fiction, some more family-friendly than others.

Now, the two are intersecting in the biggest way to date: Peter Weller, the original Alex Murphy, is adding Bruce Wayne to his list of iconic characters.

Weller, next set to appear in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel, has been cast in the lead role of "The Dark Knight Returns," the two-part animated adaptation of the landmark graphic novel written and illustrated by "Sin City" creator Frank Miller. The Hollywood Reporter has the news, adding that "Part 1" of the film will hit shelves in the fall, while "Part 2" is set to arrive in early 2013.

Also cast in "Dark Knight Returns" are "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter as Robin, "Prison Break" villain Wade Williams as Harvey Dent / Two-Face, and Christopher Guest regular Michael McKean as Dr. Wolper, the psychiatrist who releases Joker from the insane asylum. "Man of Steel" storyboard artist Jay Oliva is directing the picture from a script penned by Bob Goodman.

"'Dark Knight Returns' is the granddaddy of beloved comics properties that we’ve ever attempted (to adapt),” said DC's animation mastermind Bruce Timm in a press release about the movie. “There is definitely the imperative to get it right.”

We'll keep you posted with more "Dark Knight Returns" news as we get it.

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