'Men In Black 3' Featurette Introduces Boris The Animal


The latest featurette released by Sony about "Men in Black 3" focuses on the film's villain, Boris. Just don't dare call him "Boris the Animal."

"It really grates him to be called 'The Animal,'" star Jemaine Clement said about his character following a scene where Boris cried out, "It's just Boris!"

Okay, so scratch "the Animal," we get it. But according to director Barry Sonnonfeld, Boris might not be the only creature in the featurette that's from outer space. "I suspect that Jemaine Clement might be an alien," he joked of the New Zealander.

We haven't seen much of Boris in the trailers and clips released for the movie, but we can garner that he has a very distinct look based on what we have been teased. According to make-up wunderkind Rick Baker, we still haven’t seen anything yet.

"He's made of fingers, and we were going to really utilize all these fingers," Baker teased.

Boris also has a creepy looking small henchman called The Weasel (maybe that's where "The Animal" comes in?) and they have the ability to "fire porcupine-like quills." According to the featurette, Agent K puts Boris in prison 40 years ago, and once he gets out of jail, the elder Boris time travels back to the 1960s and tries to advise his younger self.

"Men in Black 3" follows Agent J as he travels back to the 1960s to prevent an alien assassin from killing his friend and partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). To do so, he must team up with a younger version of K who we're supposed to believe is only 29. There they need to stop an evil alien named Boris from destroying the Earth. The movie is due in theaters on May 25.

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