'Kick-Ass 2' Will Feature 30-Minute 'Hit-Girl' Opening Act, Mark Millar Says

"Kick-Ass 2" is finally moving forward. With the sequel set to start shooting shortly and a director chosen in the form of Jeff Wadlow, the world's most unlikely superhero (and his even less likely sidekick and arch-nemesis) are well on their way back to theaters.

Mark Millar, the comic book writer behind "Kick-Ass," spoke with Digital Spy about what fans can expect from the second entry in the film franchise. According to the man himself, "Kick-Ass 2" will kick off with a whole lot of Hit-Girl before moving onto the titular character.

"'Hit-Girl' will be the first 30 minutes of the movie and then the next 70 minute is 'Kick-Ass 2,'" he said. "So 'Hit-Girl' is structured as the first act."

Of course, that all depends on Chloe Moretz's availability. The in-demand actress has a lot of projects lined up, but Millar isn't concerned about losing the coveted star.

"As far as we know everyone is scheduled to come back, unless somebody is hit by a bus or something," he said. "Chloe has a busy schedule but she has to stop sometime."

As for how graphic the movie will be, Millar said that "Kick-Ass 2" will remain fully intact when it hits the screen, c-bombs and all.

"Every horrible scene in the book will be in the film," he insisted. "The c--- line in the first one, everybody said 'there's no way you're getting that in the movie', but it happened and it's the same thing with this. Everybody is saying 'you can't have a gang rape scene with supervillains' and 'you can't have the dog's head cut off', but every single one of those scenes will go in it."

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