'Walking Dead' Season Three Seeking 'Comic Relief'

There's room for all types of people in the zombie apocalypse, even the funny guys. That's the case according to some new "Walking Dead" casting calls, at least, one of which calls for a new "comic relief" character.

E! Online and TVLine have the scoop on two new characters joining the third season of the AMC apocalyptic drama. One of these characters is Harold, described as "the exact opposite of Shane" and more like the late Dale.

"Harold is 'a studious and fastidious man' trying to carve out a postapocalyptic niche for himself," writes E! Online. The only character from the "Walking Dead" comics named Harold exists briefly in the Woodbury arc; he's much less peaceful than this man sounds, however, though we know the show is hardly afraid to make major departures from its source material.

Meanwhile, laughter aplenty is coming along with "a recurring character named Manuel," who is described by TVLine as "smart, strong, kinda blue-collar and potentially the comic relief that the show has never really had." The show's never had comic relief? Tell that to Lori! (*rimshot*)

There's no record of Manuel in the "Walking Dead" comics, so the specifics of this guy are really up in the air at the moment. But here's some fan-casting for ya: Jorge Garcia. Hey, with "Alcatraz" off the air, I need my geeky Hurley fix!

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