'Spider-Man' Star Is 'Very Jealous' Of 'Avengers'

The jury's still out on "The Amazing Spider-Man," but star Andrew Garfield is quickly becoming one of the most likable superhero movie stars with zero assistance from the movie itself. Garfield, recently nominated for a Tony award for his work in "Death of a Salesman," has already made his Spider-Man fandom well known, but it turns out that the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler isn't the only hero he's got room for in his heart.

"I saw ['The Avengers'], and I was blown away. I'm going to see it again this weekend," Garfield told Vulture about his experience with Earth's mightiest heroes. "I have no problem adding to the amount of money it's making!"

Praising what writer-director Joss Whedon was able to accomplish with "Avengers," Garfield said he was "very, very jealous" that as a Sony-owned character, his Spider-Man couldn't join the Disney/Marvel heroes.

"I wanted to jump on the screen and play with them," he said. "It killed me that I wasn't in it, but I understand why, and I'm not insulted. But hey, if Samuel L. Jackson wants to give me a shout, I'm there for the next one!"

We certainly wouldn't complain! For now, we'll happily take Garfield as he is, slinging webs and fighting bad guys, all while winking and nodding at former Spider-Man rumor-magnet Donald Glover.

"I love him, and he is brilliant, and I appreciate him so much as an actor, as a rapper, as a comedian," Garfield said about the "Community" actor, who is referenced in a currently-mysterious way in the forthcoming "Amazing" reboot. "So this is just me tipping my hat to him to let him know he is appreciated. It's a very subtle thing, but someone with a discerning eye can see it. I can say that it will be visual — I don't get any say over music used!"

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