Peter Berg Developing 'Battleship' Graphic Novel

Even though "Battleship" is based on a pre-existing property, there's not too much backstory to go on in the pencil and paper game. Director Peter Berg and writers Jon and Erich Hoeber had to start from scratch when it came to creating a concept for this month's alien-invasion blockbuster.

In "Battleship," Earth is invaded by a group of aliens called Regents. Even though we spend an entire movie watching Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard fight them, it turns out that we still don't learn all that much about the invading force. Berg told MTV News that he is hoping to get a graphic novel off the ground that explains some more of the Regents' backstory.

"We have a whole graphic novel that we want to come out with that explains who the Regents are, what they're looking for, the details of the trouble they get into -- because they're in trouble from the moment they land -- and we could take it in several different directions," he teased during the recent "Battleship" press junket.

So does that mean he'd be willing to return to the property if "Battleship" ends up being a massive success this summer? "Definitely, yes," he said.

We will probably have to wait a little for that to happen, though. Berg is reteaming with Kitsch on the film "Lone Survivor" next, as well as developing a sequel to "Hancock" and a big screen follow-up to "Friday Night Lights," his critically acclaimed high school football series. At least we know from those last two projects that Berg is always willing to return for sequels, no matter how long it's been since he last touched the project. That bodes well for a future "Battleship 2."

Would you want a sequel to "Battleship," or would you rather have it stand on its own? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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