'Men In Black 3' Featurette Gives Inside Look At Aliens

Men in Black

When "Men In Black 3" hits theaters next weekend it's not just bringing back our favorite extraterrestrial detective duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Thanks to the creative mind and incredible talent of legendary monster makeup artist Rick Baker, the film is introducing us to a whole slew of new aliens. From creatures with no mouths, to ones with an array of jagged teeth and others who look like gelatinous blobs of blubber, the aliens are (literally) out of this world.

SuperHeroHype released a new "MIB 3" featurette that takes viewers on a tour of Rick Baker's world to show how these foreign friends and foes come to life.

"When I was first approached about the original 'Men in Black,' we didn't know what 'Men in Black' was," Baker said. "The first thing I said is, 'It's gonna be really hard to do aliens that don't look like ones that we've seen a million times. We wanted to take the aliens seriously, but the movie is also a comedy."

The latest installment in the "Men in Black" series follows Agent J (Smith) as he travels 15 years back in time to uncover the universe's secrets and save the life of Agent K (Jones), the world and the future of the human race.

"You're going back to 1969 so you get these kind of bozo looking aliens," said Josh Brolin, who plays the younger version of K J encounters on his trip.

"We have this time travel element. The 2012 aliens are much more like contemporary aliens," Baker explains referencing the creatures new retro look. "To be able to do my version of the classic science fiction aliens was a lot of fun."

But Smith assured fans that just because they're reinventing the look of the aliens, they'll still remind us of past "Men in Black" characters. "You could take it out of context and know that's a 'Men in Black' creature," he said. "There's a clever inventiveness to the creatures that Rick Baker creates."

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