Cardboard Iron Man Is Our Hero Of The Week!

Not that you need any more reasons to love "The Avengers," but here's one anyway: the Marvel Studios movies have inspired some tremendous creative efforts from their fans. Case in point is our Hero of the Week: Mark Pearson, the creator of Cardboard Iron Man.

Oddity Central reports that Pearson, a 44-year-old repairman from West Yorkshire, spent 14 months creating his very own replica of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit using a combination of household items and cardboard covered in fiberglass. Standing at only 5'6", Pearson himself isn't tall enough to even fit into the Iron Man suit, so he recruited local supermarket manager Darren Higgins to assume Stark's metallic alter-ego.

Some additional details on the creation of Cardboard Iron Man:

The Iron Man suit made by Mark Pearson started out as a set of 400 sheets of cardboard that he turned into a 3D structure, and later into a fiberglass replica. It has some nice touches, like flashing lights for the eyes, hands and chest, but Pearson says he also used quite a few household objects. For example, the [arc] reactor in the chest started off as an ordinary ashtray. He says the suit is still a work in progress, and that he has some cool ideas about what to add to it next. “All it’s missing is the ability to fly – but that would have been a bit tricky. I really would have needed superpowers myself to have made that possible”, Mark says.

No superpowers are required to make a truly awesome Iron Man suit, Mr. Pearson. Nicely done!

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