'Iron Man 3' Recruits James Badge Dale As Villain

The cast for "Iron Man 3" keeps getting stronger and stronger. Already the list of new recruits includes Sir Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall. Returning players Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle are all in the mix as well. Today, we can add a new actor to the cast list, someone who isn't a big name like the aforementioned folks, but is a very bright star all the same.

James Badge Dale, best known for television efforts "The Pacific" and "Rubicon," has been cast in the third "Iron Man" film, reports Deadline. He'll play a villain named Savin, who eagle-eyed fans will quickly identify as Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Savin, aka Coldblood.

In the comics, Savin is investigating the top-secret development of super-soldiers when he's killed by a landmine. His body is retrieved and reanimated, and he's turned into a cyborg soldier designated Coldblood-7. Without his memories, with no sense of who he was before, Coldbood quickly becomes problematic for anyone who crosses his path.

Will "Iron Man 3" follow the same origin story for Savin? It's possible, but considering that the story is supposedly taking its cues from the "Extremis" comics written by Warren Ellis, it's likelier that he'll tie into the revolutionary technology developed by Pearce and Hall's scientist characters.

No matter how Savin factors into the proceedings, Dale's hiring is a fantastic call. "Rubicon" was tragically short lived, but between his upcoming turn in Disney's "The Lone Ranger" and now "Iron Man," it's clear that Dale's star is on the rise. As a deep-cut "24" fan, I'm always happy to see the former Chase Edmunds getting more work. Let's see how this one goes for Mr. Dale.

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