Warm Fuzzy Of The Day: The Tale Of The 5-Year-Old Avenger

Please stop what you're doing right now and warm your heart with this adorable tale of a 5-year-old "Avengers" fan whose chance encounter with cast members Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans has taken the Internet by storm. Seriously, if you don't "aww" out loud after reading this, you are a total Grinch.

The full story, as told by proud papa Erin, can and should be read over at G33kWatch, but in a nutshell, 5-year-old Captain America superfan Edison and his mom were in the right place at the right time when "The Avengers" was filming in NYC's Central Park last year. Thanks to several acts of genuine kindness from cast and crew Edison was able to meet his heroes, the photographic evidence of which has launched many a blog and Tumblr post.

In short, this is the cutest, most heartwarming story you'll read today. Nevermind the crazy box office records the movie has now broken, it's stories like these that make us all remember why we love movies and movie-making in the first place. Not to mention gracious actors who make time for their most important fans. Go check it out here.