'Amazing Spider-Man' Extended Preview: Mask Your Strength


The summer of superhero movies is well underway, with "The Avengers" already past the $1 billion threshold internationally and still climbing. That's not it from the House of Ideas, either. Don't forget that "The Amazing Spider-Man" is just around the corner, bringing viewers their first full Peter Parker adventure since Tobey Maguire vacated the franchise.

A massive four-minute "Spider-Man" preview premiered yesterday during the season premiere of "America's Got Talent." We don't know about America, but Spidey's certainly got the goods. Though much of the preview contains footage we've already seen in trailers, there's an extended sequence at the beginning of the spot that is brand new.

Check it out past the break!

At the beginning of the four-minute super-preview, Spider-Man is seen swinging around a bridge where bad, bad things are happening. The Lizard's reign of terror against New York is clearly underway, and some commuters are about to find themselves on the receiving end of his wrath. Thankfully, Parker's there to save the day. The spot focuses largely on his struggle to save one boy in particular before the car he's trapped in crashes into the icy water below. To help the kid gain some confidence, Peter removes his Spider-Man mask and hands it over, as a way to give the poor child some strength through symbolism. He probably could've used those extra few seconds to get the kid out a little bit cleaner, but all's well that ends well!

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