'Avengers 2' Could Add New Female Heroes To The Mix

Even as Earth's mightiest heroes continue to crush it at the box office, fans are already looking ahead towards the inevitable sequel. Which Marvel Comics superheroes should join the "Avengers" sequel? That's one of the more popular questions out there for sure, and director Joss Whedon seems to have an opinion.

"I think we need to get some more men on the team," Whedon joked in a new roundtable interview between the folks at EW.com and the cast of the Marvel blockbuster. In fairness, for all of its highlights, "Avengers" could have used another female hero to fight side-by-side with Black Widow — no, we're not really counting Maria Hill here — and Whedon's hoping to see that changed whenever an "Avengers" sequel rolls into town.

"Studios will tell you: A woman cannot headline an action movie," said Whedon, who knows from experience; his widely distributed "Wonder Woman" screenplay was turned down by Warner Bros. some years ago. "After 'The Hunger Games' they might stop telling you that a little bit. Whatever you think of the movie, it’s done a great service. And after 'The Avengers,' I think it’s changing."

Of course, there's one not-so-tiny problem that Scarlett Johansson observed: "A lot of the female superhero movies just suck really badly," she said. "They are really not well made, and already you’re fighting against the tide. There are a couple [female-driven action movies] that have worked-ish."

So the pool's tinier than we'd like at the moment, but come on: who would vote against seeing a "Ms. Marvel" movie, or a "She-Hulk" flick? In Marvel Studios' hands — heck, with Whedon steering the wheel — those two would be absolute must-see events.

Which female Marvel heroes would you like to see in the "Avengers" sequel? Give us your picks in the comments section or on Twitter!