'Amazing Spider-Man' Featurette Highlights The Lizard's Southpaw Stance

Who is Curt Connors? In the man's own words: "I'm a scientist, the world's foremost authority on reptiles … and I'm a southpaw, not a cripple."

The Lizard is the subject of a brand new "Amazing Spider-Man" featurette that appeared online last Friday, the culmination of the film's latest step in their viral marketing campaign. Actor Rhys Ifans is on hand (get it? on hand?) to dive deeper into his character, explaining why Lizard isn't the traditional bad guys some moviegoers might expect from a big budget blockbuster.

"He's a professor of cross-species genetics at a corporation called Oscorp, where he's been doing various experiments," Ifans described. "Peter's father Richard Parker and Curt Connors were pioneers, if you like, in science. There's a level of guilt in Connors when he sees Peter. Connors knows something about him."

"In terms of villains, he's not the worst villain on the planet," said director Marc Webb. "He's not a mustache-twirling guy who wants to terrorize people. He believes he's doing the right thing."

"I'm not portraying a villain in any sense," agreed Ifans. "He's a man with needs and anxieties. Connors does feel cheated by god, and he's looking for answers in science. God seems to intervene."

All that talk is well and good, but how about some shots of the Lizard himself? Well, just watch the video—you'll get a taste of what you're looking for.

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