'Feeding Ground' Adaptation Set For 'American Horror Story' Director

Feeding Ground

Archaia Entertainment's horror comic book "Feeding Ground" will soon be heading to a theater near you soon.

"The Crow" and "American Psycho" producer Edward R. Pressman has nabbed the rights to the graphic novel, Comic Book Resources reports. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who will be making his feature film debut with this project, will direct the flick. "Nikita" and "Heroes" scribe Carlos Coto has already penned a script based on the Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski and Chris Mangun comic of the same name.

Though this will be Gomez-Rejon's first time directing a movie on his own, he's had plenty of experience in the industry working as second-unit director on movies like "Argo," "Babel" and "The Eagle." He's also directed episodes of "Glee" and "American Horror Story," so it's clear he knows how to deal with drama and horror.

And "Feeding Ground" certainly has elements of both. The story follows a "coyote" named Diego Busqueda who is tasked with smuggling people across the border between the Mexico and the United States. When he finally gets an opportunity to bring his own family across, they find themselves caught between U.S. Border Patrol officers and cartel members on a dangerous stretch of road called "The Devil's Highway." If that wasn't bad enough, they soon realize that they're also being hunted by werewolves.

" 'Feeding Ground' is an intense and terrifying thriller with a subtle but pointed commentary on immigration in modern America," Pressman said in a statement. "The graphic novel is so cinematic in nature—as soon as I read it, I knew we could make a film that would resonate with a wide audience.”

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