'Men In Black' Exclusive Featurette: Will Smith 'Knows No Bounds'

It's not just "Men in Black" that's been missing from theaters lately — it's leading man Will Smith, too, who hasn't starred in a theatrical release since 2008's double-header of "Hancock" and "Seven Pounds." Now he's back in his most iconic role to date — the shades-wearing alien-investigator Agent J — and the people around him couldn't be happier.

"Will is an entertainer," Smith's costar Josh Brolin describes in our exclusive "Men in Black 3" featurette. "There's something that happens when those cameras start rolling."

"Working with Will is a joy," adds Tommy Lee Jones, "every minute, all day."

The two Agent Ks aren't the only ones giving Smith the thumbs up: both versions of Agent Oh, played by Emma Thompson and Alice Eve, are equally taken with the actor.

"Will is incredibly eccentric and fun. His sense of humor knows no bounds," says Eve, with Thompson adding: "I love working with Will. It's been bliss."

Beyond being an affable person to work with, Smith's an active participant in the storybuilding process, according to "MIB" producer Walter F. Parks.

"The initial impulse to have this time travel story came from Will," he says. "He's a smart guy and a good collaborator on this material."

The reasons why Smith works so hard on "MIB" are very clear to the actor himself. On playing Agent J, Smith says: "It's that childhood fantasy where you know stuff that other people don't know. You have the most important job in the world. That seven year-old-boy comes running out of me when I put the black suit on."

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