Josh Brolin Promises 'Oldboy' Remake Will Get 'Gnarly'

Everyday is a good day to talk more about the upcoming English version of "Oldboy," right? Particularly when we have word from star Josh Brolin that the Spike Lee-directed adaptation is going to be plenty "gnarly" and that even Korean fans of Chan-wook Park's version are psyched to see it.

“A lot of people are bringing it up, which I love," Brolin told MTV News about the genuine interest in the film during the "Men In Black 3" junket. "Chan-wook Park’s version was, his original version of 'Oldboy' was fantastic. And I emailed him recently, and asked him for his blessing, that we do our version of the movie. And he was absolutely for it, actually really kind of happy that it was being done again and he was honored."

"He said that in Korea, people are very jazzed about the prospect of it being done here," Brolin continued. "So I feel that we have kind of carte blanche in doing our version of it, and I think Spike’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great, I’m excited.”

When asked which new and different acting muscles he'll be flexing to get into the character, Brolin immediately answered "All of them."

“Yeah, All of them," he said with a smile. "Look, there’s not a muscle - emotional, spiritual, mental, you have to flex them all for that one. You’ve seen it? Yeah... it’s gnarly.”

"Oldboy" is slated to start filming in October. The film follows a man (Brolin) who is kidnapped and held in a private prison for 15 years before being released and contacted by the man who imprisoned him (Sharlto Copley). He then goes on a quest of vengeance to find out the reason for his imprisonment and seek revenge on the people who ruined his life.

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