'Hancock 2' Is 'Not Actually In The Works' Yet, Will Smith Says

Although the always optimistic and energetic Peter Berg recently told us that he has high hopes for further development with a "Hancock" sequel, his equally hopeful-but-more-realistic-minded star Will Smith said we'll likely be waiting a long time for that film to ever come together.

"This is a world where entertainment is consumed on so many different levels that sequels and all those ancillary products and that stuff are always in the working," Smith told MTV News during the "Men In Black 3" press day recently when asked for an update on the sequel. "There are so many outlets now that need to be filled, so I think that producers are always discussing those things."

"It's something I would be interested in," he continued. "But it's not actually in the works as of yet."

So there you have it! Not that this comes as a huge surprise, given the very busy schedules of both Smith and Berg (depending on how well "Battleship" performs maybe?), but we'll probably hear the same comments about this project from now until all parties come together on a green light - if that ever happens.

As someone who enjoyed "Hancock," I would totally pay to see a sequel, if they lined up everyone from the first one and explored more of the relationship between Smith and co-star Charlize Theron's superhero/god characters, which is the plotline Berg suggested they'd pursue.

"We're looking at exploring their relationship prior to when we first met them and seeing a bit of what happened as a prequel," Berg said. "I think we danced around the concept of an origins and we settled on something that is very substantive. That will part of the sequel."

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