Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire Interview Each Other About 'Spider-Man'

For those of you "Spider-Man" fans out there still feeling raw about Tobey Maguire's departure from the series, it looks like the man himself is doing just fine. That's the takeaway for me, at least, from Maguire's interview with new wall-crawler Andrew Garfield over at VMan Magazine.

The entire interview is a fantastic read, and a massive love fest for both of the guys involved. Right out of the gate, Maguire tells Garfield that there were two moments during "The Amazing Spider-Man's" early development he was particularly excited by: the hiring of Marc Webb as director, and the hiring of Garfield as Peter Parker. The compliments gave way to a fascinating exchange of ideas between the two, including Garfield asking Maguire how he handled becoming the face of Spider-Man for so many people.

"Because right now I have a host of fears that I'm contending with on a minute-to-minute basis," Garfield told Maguire. "I'm not in the reality of it yet, so I'm sure I'm imagining it will be much worse than it is. I admire you so much because you're an actor and that's all you've ever been and all you ever will be. It must be very hard to hold on to the simple fact of wanting to be an actor, to tell stories and not have your image become bigger than your art. Do you have a recollection of a definite change, or was it a seamless thing?"

"I think our thing was a little bit different because movies hadn't been doing the sort of opening-weekend business that's fairly common—even expected—today," the old Spidey replied. "The first Harry Potter came out about six months before us and it was this phenomenon from Day one. It was so wild because it was a new thing at that moment—and I'm not saying that hasn't happened in movie history, but at the time that was a big jump. And then that happened with us. People didn't anticipate [2002's Spider- Man] to be like that. Leading up to it you start to get reactions and people tell you, you know, what the tracking is and what range your opening weekend box office is likely to be. Bt for me it was kind of unexpected. So much shifted in my life the weekend the movie came out. It was shocking."

"Oh wow, that's crazy," Garfield observed. It certainly is. Give the whole interview a read over at VMan.

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