'Avengers' Box Office And Shawarma Sellouts In Today's Tights!


If you're hungry for "Avengers" news, and a little bit of shawarma to go with it, then you're in luck: today's edition of Tights has you more than covered. Not only is this an all-"Avengers" edition of the column, it also features some news on how the superhero movie affected sales on Earth's mightiest post-battle snack. Read on!

» Who got the most screen time in "Avengers"? Who got the least? The fine folks at Vulture did the math so you don't have to, and the answers might surprise you.

» "Avengers" hasn't been in U.S. theaters for even a week and it's already in the top ten highest grossing comic book films of all time. Not too shabby, Cap and company! [Comic Book Resources]

» Speaking of "Avengers"-related numbers, while the movie itself has indeed earned a ridiculous amount of money at the box office, it's nowhere near enough to cover the damage New York City would have suffered if the film-ending alien invasion actually took place in real life. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» One of the many positive side-effects of "Avengers" hitting theaters: "John Carter" getting a boost in business, thanks to drive-in double features! [THR]

» Last but not least, THR also reports that shawarma shops are seeing a serious uptick in business following the Avengers' post-movie chow-down. "We ended up selling out by 7:30 on Saturday evening," Sunnin owner George Chammaa told the outlet. "And we never sell out." Awesome.

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