Will The Hulk Be In 'Iron Man 3'?


As satisfying as "The Avengers" was for comic book fans, it ultimately (and purposefully) left audiences begging to see more. When will we get a standalone Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie? When are Black Widow and Hawkeye going to get some time in the spotlight? "The Avengers" sent fans' heads spinning with infinite possibilities, but one of the most plausible outcomes from "The Avengers" has to be an eventual cameo from Ruffalo in "Iron Man 3."

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark formed the bromance that melted America's heart this past weekend, and it's only natural that the crowd wants more witty banter. But what are the odds of an appearance by the Hulk in "Iron Man 3"?

In a post-"Avengers" world, it's hard to imagine Bruce not, at the very least, popping in to say "Hi!" or Captain America not showing up to misunderstand pop culture references. Early casting news for the third "Iron Man" even indicated that Tony would have some visitors. Back in March, it was widely reported that Scarlett Johansson was set to appear as Black Widow, but she has since shot down the rumor.

Prospects for a Hulk cameo seemed dead in the water, however, when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke to Collider about "Iron Man 3." Feige said that he intended to put Tony Stark back in the cave, metaphorically speaking. "He can't call Thor, he can't call Cap, he can't call Nick Fury, and he can't look for the Helicarrier in the skiy," Feige said.

With Stark effectively removed from the Marvel Universe for "Iron Man 3," is a Bruce Banner cameo still a possibility?

Marvel opened Pandora's Box with "The Avengers." Once you put all the heroes on the screen together, there is no going back. You've spoiled the customers, and now they want multiple heroes. "Iron Man 3" might put Stark back in the cave, but he probably won't start and finish there. To keep the fans happy, there will have to be at least some reference to Banner and the other Avengers.

Otherwise, why have them ride off into the sunset together?

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