'Avengers': The Secrets Behind The Final Battle

One of the greatest accomplishments of "The Avengers" has to be that thrilling, extended final against Loki and his army. There is just so much going on, so many unforgettable moments, that we had to find out just how they pulled it off from the people behind the movie.

When MTV News spoke with Joss Whedon, he said that the final battle was the most challenging for him as a filmmaker. "The final battle is not small," he said, always a fan of the understatement. "It really was a task to make sure that everybody was working at their particular power level, and every now and then we had to adjust things because there are things that Cap can do Hawkeye can't, and Thor can do that Cap can't, and Hulk can do that Thor can't. You've just got to make sure that you stay true to their realities."

Jonathan Eusebio, the fight coordinator for the film, walked us through each individual fight scene to give us a better idea of the process behind fight choreography.

For the epic battle at the finale, Eusebio used a twenty-person stunt team to create all of the epic bouts. "Not only did we have doubles for all the actors, but for Loki's army, we had a whole crop of stunt men, 10 to 12 core guys," Eusebio said. "All we did is choreograph huge action pieces for the whole last sequence. When that sequence actually came up, we already had really good pieces choreographed and rehearsed with most of the actors and the stunt people."

But even prefect preparation isn't enough to make a scene go off without a hitch. For certain pieces, Eusebio and his team would have to start from scratch on the day of shooting. "There were some days that were tough and we had to make stuff up on the spot, and not just individual one-on-one type pieces. It would be pieces where it's eight-on-one, and the actors would pick it up on the spot, that day," he said. "I was pretty proud of the fact that they could adapt to changes on the spot. There's a Thor-Captain America team-up in the street, that one we pieced together pretty quick the day before we were going to shoot it. I think that turned out really good."

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