'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Slings A Ton Of New Footage

Amazing Spider-Man

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is in a bad way right now. With "The Avengers" hitting screens last night and "The Dark Knight Rises" poised to melt minds in July, the latest adventures of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has the highest mountain to climb of any of the superhero tent poles this year.

The combination Sam Raimi's trilogy still feeling fresh in the audience's memory and the so-so reception of the first person point-of-view in the teaser trailer immediately handicapped the reboot of Marvel's most recognizable hero.

But a new trailer over at iTunes shows off a bunch of new footage and more details about plot.

Most of the earlier trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" focused on the new origin story and the mystery of Peter Parker's parents. In this latest preview, there is still a great deal of attention paid to Peter's life as an orphan, but we also get new insight to what Curt Connors might be up to once he makes the turn to the Lizard.

Another intriguing scene that begs more analysis is the shot where a mysterious man asks a human Curt Connors, whether he told Peter the truth of his parents. This new sequence has the feel of a teaser that could hint at what's next for the series, if "Amazing Spider-Man" does well enough at the box office.

Since Marc Webb's take on the web-slinger seems to borrow heavily from the Ultimate Universe, we could be seeing an expanded view of the world. In that telling of the story, Peter's father worked with Eddie Brock's father as the scientists who created the Venom symbiote.

To see the full trailer, head over to Apple.

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